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Get a taste of Julie's weekly interviews with passionate businesspeople from diverse walks of life! Livestreamed every Wednesday on YouTube at 10 AM PT.

Author Sprint Club

Trying to start that first book, but the time never seems to be there? Moni Boyce, author of a number of bestselling romance series, is ready to help you write sprints to get your thoughts onto paper! Join us for $39 per month for professional writing consulting and guidance!

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Aspiring Author Workshop

Have you been wanting to publish a book but don't have the proper guidance to enter the literary world?  Meet J Boykin Baker and AnnaLisa Grant - two published and accomplished authors here to help!  On May 26 at 7 PM (PST), they will be coaching aspiring authors over Zoom. They will inspire the inner author in you to reach your goals for only $20 per person!

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Manifesting Painting Party with Vickie Luna

Vickie Luna, professional life coach, spiritual medium, and energy healer, is joining the Julie Chan Show to help us reach clarity! Get a reading from Vickie while accessing your inner creativity. Join for $75 per person.

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Andrew Morton, renowned royal biographer

Meet Julie!

Julie Chan is a hostess extraordinaire! Her former career as a news anchor sparked a realization in her that her passion and brilliance lied in interacting with people, networking, and creating compelling atmospheres where ideas can be authentically shared and heard!

After successfully hosting dozens of author book launches and thrilling events in her own home and easily landing hopefuls into the spotlight that she created, Julie knew it was time to chase down the dream closest to her heart - "The Julie Chan Show"!

She is the mother of three teenage daughters, and is deeply involved in her home community. She loves meditation practices, entertaining friends in her Los Angeles home, enthralling conversations and pursuing true joy in life. Julie is most driven by opportunities that compel people to take actionable steps towards change and inspiring people to embrace the passions and purpose within them!

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Beyond the Book Services

Take your audience beyond your book to share your true self! You'll spark audiences imaginations and inspire the world with your message when you partner with The Julie Chan Show and The Beyond the Book series! We promise you'll see greater connection and quite possibly have your book fly off the shelves!

Dive deep into developing your publicity and engagement skills as an author, PLUS get featured on the show with Julie! Click the button to choose the coaching package that is best for you!

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Desire to take your readers to the places and sights in your book? Plan a book tour for your fans and readers who’d love to take a private journey with you through landmarks and treasure places, sights and sounds of your book! The eateries would be quite delectable too! Julie will help shape this fun experience for YOU and your readers! Also a chance to engage with your biggest fans!

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Ready to make your great debut or need to drum up an event that will keep your audiences excited? Hire Julie Chan to facilitate and host an event all about YOU! In-person and Virtual packages available. Click the button to learn more!

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Lian Dolan, author of The Sweeney Sisters

The Author Impact Society

A Monthly Membership for Authors who are striving to grow awareness around their book, their name, and get more PR gigs on a regular basis! Here we discuss tips for marketing your book! Find out exactly who wants to hear about your book, learn ways to clarify your message, and understand how to engage with the reader so they not only want to buy your book for themselves but for all the friends and family too!!

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