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Lian Dolan, author of The Sweeney Sisters

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This is my Story

The Julie Chan Show has been a lifetime dream! When I was a little girl, I longed to be a news reporter! After fulfilling that goal and landing jobs in television as an anchor, even interviewing celebrities, I soon realized that I felt held back by the teleprompter and wanted more from the world of reporting than just the spotlight.
I began searching for my true passion and genuine purpose!
I remembered how the camera operators in the studio would encourage me each time I hosted an interview.  They would say, "Julie! Your gift is putting people at ease and leading them to a place where they are comfortable enough to be vulnerable and honest. You can make the most scared person divulge their personal stories with ease!" This validated me in the greatest way and led me to believe in what I now know is my calling!
My passion is lighting up the world! By creating space for others to share their voice and story with confidence they can make an impact through their own passion, gifts and talents. In a world that longs for greater connectedness, I want to stand in the gap where boundaries have left us mechanical and help stories breathe life again!
The Julie Chan Show is about just that... we highlight stories that invoke action, showcase passions that compel others to connect with their own emotions, and placing talents on display for the world to see them as they deserve to be seen.
What is my role in this? My role is to support and guide you as you embark on the journey to tell your story. I'll help network you and promote you and work to see that you are seen just as if your passion project was my passion project!
I believe EVERY story matters and every individual has something wonderful to share with the world!

How it began...

Interestingly enough, my television career originates with me hosting an event... (how did I not see this before - that my passion was to host and inspire!? Anyways, I digress!)... Yes, hosting an all night royal wedding part for Prince William and Kate, got my foot in the door to pursue my dream career when ABC televised from my home! After living out that dream of becoming the morning news anchor, a producer, and even the host of my own one hour show, I decided to walk away from the teleprompter and pursue stories that sparked passion!
When Laurie Gelman (who I adore!) published her first book, I invited her to my home to host an author interview. And as history likes to repeat itself, this fun filled event with passionate women filling my kitchen swung the door wide open to my next wonderful chapter. The event was so successful that Laurie's publicist immediately asked me to host more authors, and Beyond the Book with Julie was born! We've interviewed countless authors, including inspiring names like Andrew Morton and Joan Lunden. We've laughed and cried and have been motivated to accomplish things and read more and BE more on Beyond the Book with Julie! It has been truly AMAZING and I could not be more excited about all of the possibilities!
But MORE than stories, I want to give people the opportunity to experience connectedness and to identify with compelling ideas that invoke action. And so, The Julie Chan Show is becoming the realization of all that inspires me! This show is interactive and there is something for everyone!
In Beyond the Book we go beyond the pages to be inspired by the author's heart and message; but on The Julie Chan Show we'll go beyond the inspiration and delve into the authenticity of the real life of real people behind our world... not just authors, but entrepreneurs, dreamers, visionaries, activists and everyone in between!
My belief is people are compelled to action when they have connected personally and authentically with the heart and soul behind the name.
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We Value...


I believe that honesty and authenticity are the fabric of ones soul - integrity starts there and pours out to everyone you know. I believe in being first - true to my own soul - the outpouring of integrity within the Julie Chan Show is an overflow of my personal endeavor towards authenticity and honesty.


I strive to think outside of the box and when trusting my intuition and staying true to my soul leads me against the status quo... then I'm going to courageously go after that and bravely stand for that inspiration! I believe in showing up - all the way, every time, no matter what.


I practice the art of reflection in every journey to remain grateful. I believe that to remember where we came from and to remember who helped us along the way we will feel thankful for every moment and opportunity. Gratitude helps us remain grounded and connected to the moment.


I seek to create leadership in everyone by connecting them with the power within themselves to achieve anything.


I sincerely believe that there is a deep longing in each of us for a sense of greater connectedness. I believe in deeply connecting with others in a real way and searching for empathy in the stories I hear and share as a way of bringing light into the world.

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